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Wide Angle HD Foldable Drone

Wide Angle HD Foldable Drone
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Wide Angle HD Foldable Drone 

Want to capture those beautiful mountains and that special moment in your life with next level video?

Well, this drone is made just perfect for that!

  • Amazing video quality; you are able to record and capture these amazing views, with crazy good quality, and do not worry about anything such as snow, dust or rain covering the lens!
  • Immortal to damage; since we are aware that the drone will be put in rough conditions we have made sure to adjust accordingly. The drone itself and the counterparts are made of military grade protection materials to make sure damage in all forms are limited.
  • Remote capabilities; the drone can be operated from a distance of 80-100 meters, and the action time is roughly 7-10 minutes. Drone comes ready for usage at delivery if not any special delivery issue may appear!


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