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Portable LED Makeup Mirror

Portable LED Makeup Mirror
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Portable LED Makeup Mirror

Preparing for that special wedding or occasion?

Or perhaps you just want to look your absolute best on-the-go!

Then, this is the product you never knew you needed! With our led lighted, compatible and lightweight mirror you can always ensure that you can manage your face with the best tools all in one!

  • Fully LED lighted; with the 8 LED lights surrounding round the mirror, you can waste adjust those special spots for extra perfection and also do whatever you need to in maximum comfort. Works using USB or batteries.
  • No distortion; the mirror does not distort or change your actual physical look, face stays the same.
  • Convenient; if you want to travel with it, just store it away, it could not be easier, just one small cord and fold the mirror as it's done! It also comes with 2 hidden compartments to stuff your needs in, as shown on the photos we took.
  • Magnification; the front mirror features a 1x mirror, but the backside of the mirror has a 10x magnification mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the lighting work?

A: The lights are LED, and they can be charged to be used with 4 batteries, and then charged using a USB charging cable, which is included.

Q: Am I allowed to travel with this through customs etc?

A: For your individual custom rules, please refer to them since we do not make the rules. But it certainly is easy to travel with since it is portable and easy to stack away in your bag.

Q: Are batteries included?

A: No they are not. But the USB charging cable is.

Q: How does the magnification work?

A: The back features a 10x magnification function, which means you are able to view yourself with a 10x zoom. And the front features a normal 1x.


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