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Universal Adjustable Phone Standard

Universal Adjustable Phone Standard
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Universal Adjustable Phone Standard

Tired of bad quality videos with lots of shaking?

Or maybe you just want a more professional look!

Well we got just the best product for you… With our universal multi-adjustable tripod you can now record videos, take photos and watch films with ease!

  • Lightweight; since we know that tripods can be a hassle to use, we have made it with lightweight aluminum to ensure maximum comfort, and also coated the feet of the tripod with a special anti-slip rubber material to protect your flooring and make it as smooth as possible.  


  • Compatible with; the tripod is compatible with all kinds of digital devices such as cameras, Ipads and phones.


  • Fully adjustable; it extends fully to a whole meter! (1000 mm), but it is also possible to twist 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically.


  • Comes with a carry bag; the tripod comes delivered to your door with its own specially tailored bag to make sure it's not a massive object you need to carry whilst on the road!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What devices can be used with the tripod?

A: All sorts of devices such as smartphones, iPads, and video recorders/cameras are suitable for it.

Q: Does the video shake or vibrate when using it?

A: Not at all. If you set it up correctly, there should be zero issues with the video moving or shaking in any manner.

Q: Does the materials used scratch or damage my phone after long usage?

A: No - if used correctly % cautiously, there will not be any damage or any scratches on the device used!

Q: Can I use it in all types of weather?

A: Yes - rain, snow and mild hot/cold temperatures are no problem for this product, and it can be used as normal.



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